EN 1078 Bicycles, skate-boards and roller-skates

EN 1077 Alpine Skiers

EN 967 Ice hockey

EN 1384 Equestrian activities

EN 12492 Alpine helmets

EN 397 Industrial safety helmets (only impact tests)

EN 1080 Impact protection helmets for young children

C.P.S.C. / 16 CFR Part 1203 US Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets

ASTM F1952-09 US standard for downhill helmets

ASTM F2040-11 Helmets used for recreational snow sports

ASTM F1163-04a Protective headgear used in horse sports and horseback riding

AS/NZS 2063 Australian norm for bicycle helmets

BSI – PAS Equestrian activities (only research test)