For a limited time only, we are pleased to offer all helmet brands and manufacturers
UN ECE 22.06 Pre-Testing.

Find out if your new or existing helmets pass the new UN ECE 22.06 norm with a free of charge Pre-Test Pack or Rotational Impact Test.

Choose the OMEGA test facility that is most convenient for you in Italy or China.


Option A – Free of charge UN ECE 22.06 Pre-Test Pack (1 helmet size, 5 samples*)

i. High and low energy impact (B, P, X, R, S)
ii. Standard impact speed (Critical points to be chosen by the Lab.)
iii. Rotational impact
iv. Front roll off

Option B – Free of charge Rotational Impact Test (1 helmet size, 2 samples*)

*Helmet samples to be supplied by the customer

Please, contact me with full details of free of charge UN ECE 22.06 Pre-Testing:
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