How OMEGA can help you

-You don’t know what changes you should put in place to make sure you will be complying with new standard in your new helmet developments.

-You are not sure on how the regulatory requirements will impact your existing helmet collection.

-You realise you’ll be requiring to pass the new ECE 22.06 in short but you don’t know where to start the process to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness.

ECE 22.06 is inevitable, adapt now quickly with us and don’t get left behind.


• Let our skilled and expert team to help you to stay on top of the new regulatory landscape by providing advice, guidance and testing services. Easily understand with us the impact of the new standard and implement the necessary changes in your upcoming/existing helmet collections.

• Providing Virtual Testing services that optimizes your helmet development processes without the need to do physical testing. Our unique approach to innovation allows you to carry out virtual ECE.22 06 testing and analysis that can be used in developing and evaluating a helmet during the design process. Get more efficient and less expensive design cycles for your helmets through virtual prototyping and by doing early evaluations of helmet performance.

• Delivering complete testing services of new ECE 22.06 regulatory requirements directly in China, which ensure an undeniable saving in time and money.