Your Virtual Testing partner

What is Virtual Testing?

• Virtual testing is a software simulation technique that allows any design of product or equipment to be tested for various characteristics, for instance impact resistance.

• Virtual Testing saves time and money during the design process by assessing the influence of design parameters on product performance.

• Numerical modeling predicts product performance without the need for physical testing.

• You can confirm in the design phase whether or not your product will achieve the performance required by the standards. The product designs can be optimised before the prototype is manufactured.

What we offer?

• We build a virtual model of your product or prototype and perform a computer-simulated version of the physical test that delivers valuable technical performance information critical for making key decisions in the design and development processes.

• We have a skilled engineering team with significant experience in carrying out accurate and technically meaningful virtual testing analysis.

• We contribute to maximizing the performance of your products and we ensure they meet or exceed the performance criteria of international standards.

What are the benefits of Virtual Testing?

• Reduce tooling investment risk.

• Reduce sampling, prototype and transport costs.

• Early evaluation of critical design parameters.

• Reduced R&D and development costs.

If you would like to discuss your project and how our solutions can help you, please email with your enquiry or call us at  +39 0131 860220.