UN ECE 22.06: Everything you need to know

When will this new regulatory change happen?

January 2021 – but it’s a bit more complex than that! Most notably, not only do you need to understand when the new standard will come into force, but also you need to be in touch with the limits set by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) as to when helmet manufacturers must have made their products compliant. Below is a timeline which will help guide you through it:

UN ECE 22.06 Timeline

What is new in UN ECE 22.06 vs. the old standard?

Under UN ECE 22.06 the impact testing procedure is improved, involving impact tests at both higher and lower velocities and looking at the effects on different points on the helmet.

Rotational tests will be introduced for the new ECE standard approval. New UN ECE 22.06 involves an impact test against a 45-degree angle to further ensure the rotation protection of the helmet. This is because studies show that significant injuries can happen from the twisting motion of the head during an impact.

Summary of test changes

-The number of helmet impact points has increased
-There will be more specific impact areas tested
-Velocity will increase
-Low & High energy impact test included. The helmets will be tested at
6 m/s, 7.5 m/s and 8.2 m/s

-Rigidity Test now must be done on the damaged helmet part.
-Maximum deformation allowed 50mm instead of 15mm.

-Oblique impact
-45º inclined anvil
-Velocity of 8 m/s

-Front lateral right, rear, lateral left, front and rear lateral right.

Stay ahead of the UN ECE 22.06 regulatory changes

Keeping track of regulatory changes is a complex business and remaining compliant can be challenging for organisations to manage. To overcome the challenges posed by UN ECE 22.06, helmet brands and manufacturers need the support of well-informed experts capable of navigating the new regulatory landscape in a timely and effective manner.

Response to The Changes Is Needed Now!

Gaps between the new testing requirements and your existing and new helmet collections are likely, but not inevitable. You just need to do the test and find out. And remember, compliance with the new UN ECE 22.06 norm opens up opportunities to create a competitive advantage by being among the first to introduce newly compliant helmets to the market.

Get ahead of the curve with us!

OMEGA is currently one of the few laboratories compliant on the new UN ECE 22.06 testing requirements. Our global network of research and testing facilities, with capability to test in Italy and now in China, will help you to meet the new norm requirements where it may be more convenient for your business, saving you time and improving efficiency while lowering costs.